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Owner/tenant relations are a top priority and our property managers are committed to resolving issues expeditiously.

Strata/Residential Property Management

Touchstone is dedicated to providing 24-7 service for the comfort of owners and tenants. Being proactive in dealing with potential problems before they arise is one of our strengths. A detailed budgeted preventive maintenance program is the key to keeping the buildings looking good and the owners and occupants happy.

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“Our PM is seeing each decision through to completion, resolving issues and mitigating risks along the way... Not only are you super knowledgeable in your field, you have EXCEPTIONAL people skills.”
— Strata President

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Other Properties Managed

Retail Properties

At Touchstone, we work tirelessly towards adding value to retail properties. We improve the landscaping and the exterior of the property to create a more visible and inviting retail center. By joining local community organizations, organizing public community events, and helping retailers with their product exposure, our property managers are often able to increase the property's appeal as a shopping destination, attracting more traffic and sales.

Industrial Properties

Touchstone's property managers ensure that all our industrial properties are well-maintained and running smoothly. Regular preventive maintenance programs and upgrades of the mechanical building systems and HVAC equipment are an integral part of the comprehensive management services we provide.

Office Properties

Touchstone has a well-established reputation for managing office buildings in Metro Vancouver. With properties in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey and Langley, etc., our property managers have an in-depth knowledge of the market in all areas of the Lower Mainland.