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The regular office hours at our firm are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. After these regular hours, the same telephone number is answered by a Telephone Answering Service, which is paid for by our firm. This service is intended to provide relief in the event of an emergency.

The operator will take brief details of your emergency and our call manager will be paged. The manager will call you back as soon as possible.

If you have placed such an emergency call, please wait by your phone and leave the line clear for us to return your call. Please note that we will take no action on any emergency unless we have first talked to the person placing the call.

Please also note that emergencies include: fires, broken water pipes, stuck elevators, stuck garage door and other such general community situations that require urgent attention. Owners will call 911 prior to contacting Touchstone for incidents of fire, severe flooding (water escape), earthquake, human injury or theft. Local authorities including, but not limited to, fire and rescue services are responsible for appropriate action. Owners will not contact Touchstone’s emergency service for non-emergencies or accounting inquiries. The 24 – hour answering service is not available for general inquiries concerning accounts, council policies and other matters, which would normally constitute regular administration.

Break and enter and/or vandalism to your automobiles or premises should first be reported to the police department.

Emergency Situations

Fire Alarm Ringing

Any time that the fire alarm activates our monitoring company calls the Fire and Rescue Department and then calls Touchstone. The Fire and Rescue Department will arrive on the scene and undertake an immediate assessment of the situation.

  • Proceed to the lobby by the stairs, as elevators may not work once the alarm goes off.
  • If the Resident Manager (if applicable) or Fire and Rescue are in the lobby, they will check the lobby fire panel to determine where the signal is coming from.
  • If they need assistance in checking out what is happening at a fire location, they may ask you to proceed to that floor or area in building to assess the problem. (If there is any sign of smoke or fire, please report same to all residents in the lobby then vacate the building).
  • If it is determined to be a false alarm or a garbage can has been set on fire and someone is able to extinguish, the Resident Manager will silence the alarm and wait for Fire and Rescue to arrive and reset elevators and the fire panel.
  • In the event the Resident Manager is not present– go to the fire panel and determine from the lights which floor or area the alarm is ringing; then stay in the lobby and ask one of the residents to investigate what is happening in area of alarm; if they report it is a false alarm assure everyone in the lobby there is no problem and wait for the Fire and Rescue to arrive and silence the alarm or to take further action.
  • If there is a fire in a particular suite– have the person who went to investigate knock loudly on that suite door and any other suites on that floor so residents can be immediately evacuated; then tell the investigating person to return to the lobby to await the Fire and Rescue Department. The Fire and Rescue Department will want to know exactly what the situation is upon their arrival.
  • If there is a fire in the common areathat can be extinguished with fire extinguisher have someone do that and report back to you on completion, however, if it is out of control have the investigating person let you know immediately and ask everyone to remain calmly in the lobby until the Fire and Rescue Department arrives.
  • Elevators will always need to be reset after a fire alarm goes off and the Fire and Rescue Department will want to know what has happened and they will require a signature from the Resident Manager, one of the council or residents who were there at the time. Touchstone will contact the elevator contractor if required.
  • Do not allow residents to return to their suites unless you are positive there is no fire emergency.
  • Anyone that does not wish to walk back up the stairs can wait for the Fire and Rescue Department to reset elevators, or for Touchstone to make necessary arrangements to restore services.

No Electricity

If the electricity in the building goes out for some reason the emergency generator should come on within 2 – 3 minutes, giving emergency lighting in the hallways, stairwells and common areas. Be assured that if the lights are out in the whole block, BC Hydro will be getting a phone call from area residents.

Burst Pipes or Water Flooding

  • If there is a broken water pipe that is causing water damage to any area in the building it is very important that the person that discovers the situation take the following steps.
  • Fire and Rescue Department #911, particularly if involving the fire sprinkler system. The fire system is monitored and if activated for whatever reason, Touchstone and the Fire and Rescue will be contacted.
  • Contact the main business line for Touchstone 604-688-4340 (24 hours) or the Resident Manager. After hours the Property Manager can be paged directly through the main office number. The Property Manager will then contact the plumber or appropriate contractor to attend to the situation.
  • One of these people will be able to turn off the water supply, which is the most important issue upon their arrival.
  • Following attendance to the scene, Touchstone will arrange to assess what is happening so appropriate arrangements can be made for required action, including but not limited to, calling in a restoration company for clean up.
  • If you see water coming from under a door or backing up in the garage, do not assume someone has taken care of it – a simple phone call to one of the above names could save thousands of dollars in damage.


  • If an elevator is not working properly, contact the Resident Manager/Property Manager
  • If an elevator is stuck on the weekend or after hours, contact the Resident Manager/Property Manager
  • IF SOMEONE IS STUCK IN AN ELEVATORcall the Resident Manager/Property Manager and they will page a repairman immediately. Then go back to the floor the person is stuck on and assure them that the repairman is on his way. The repair people have their own key to the building and they will take care of the problem any hour of the day. Most elevators are now equipped with monitoring phones for this purpose.

Break-ins, Vandalism & Theft

Any automobile break-ins, suite break-ins, vandalism to personal or common area property should be reported to the police and then Touchstone (604-688-4340). If you see a suite door that has been vandalized and you think the owner is away contact Touchstone, or call a Council member so that someone will take care of securing the door until it is properly repaired.

We ask that you let us know of any break-ins or vandalism for two reasons:

  • So they can investigate the possibility of any entrance doors that might have been tampered with at the same time as the noted incident, and
  • So we can notify tenants if it is an occurrence that may happen again.


  • Know the safe spots: against inside walls, under sturdy tables, desks or supported doorways
  • Know the danger spots: windows, mirrors, hanging objects, fireplace and tall, unsecured furniture
  • Learn how to shut off gas, water and electricity in your own suite
  • Keep breakables or heavy objects on bottom shelves
  • Maintain emergency food, water and other supplies, including a flashlight, a portable battery-operated radio, extra batteries, medicines, first aid kit and clothing
During Earthquake:
  • If INDOORS, stay there. Get under a desk or table or stand in a doorway or corner
  • If OUTDOORS, get into an open area away from trees, buildings, walls and power lines
  • If in a HIGHRISE BUILDINGS, stay away from windows and outside walls. Get under a table. Do not use the elevator
  • If DRIVING, pull your car to the side of the road and stop. Avoid overpasses or power lines. Remain inside until the shaking is over
  • If in a CROWDED PUBLIC PLACE, do not rush for the doors. Move away from display shelves containing objects that may fall
After Earthquake:
  • Check for injuries. Apply first aid. Do not move seriously injured individuals unless they are in immediate danger
  • Check for fire, gas and water leaks, broken electrical wiring or sewage lines. If you suspect there is damage, turn utility off at the source. If there is no damage, do not turn off gas
  • If you smell gas, douse all fires, do not use matches, candles, and do not operate electrical switches. Open windows, leave the building and shut off gas valve
  • Check building for cracks and damage, including roof, chimneys, and foundation. If you suspect there is damage, turn off all utilities and leave the building.