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Our Vision: To be a leader in Property Management Services and to be recognized for our superior standard of service.

Our History

Touchstone Property Management Ltd. was formed in 1998 with a vision to provide clients with an outstanding level of service that would set a new standard for the industry.

From our humble beginnings, starting with just two Senior Asset Managers and two Senior Property Manager, to our current team, our collaborative, client-focused approach to management remains unchanged and has been the driving factor behind our growth over the years.

In October 2016, Touchstone was acquired by Pacific Quorum Properties Inc, a firm that shares our passion for building strong working relationships with our clients to deliver outstanding service.

We have joined one of the largest, locally-owned property management firms in British Columbia, and are excited at the opportunity in front of us. Learn more about the acquisition by Pacific Quorum here.

What some of our clients have said

  • British Columbia Medical Association
    The feedback from the staff and comments from other tenants in the building has been 100% positive. The Touchstone staff have been pro-active in taking action to address maintenance issues rather than waiting to be told by one of our staff members.
    - British Columbia Medical Association

  • The Standard Life Assurance Company
    (The property manager) was well liked by the tenants and developed a good tenant relationship with everyone over the years by being proactive in her approach to managing the building and problem-solving. I am confident that with (her) work experience and her tireless efforts any clients of Touchstone Property Management will be well cared for.
    - The Standard Life Assurance Company

  • Statistics Canada
    We have been very pleased with both the building and the service we have received from Touchstone. The building systems and fixtures have performed very well and we have had little trouble providing our 200 employees with comfortable quarters. As the first tenants in a brand new building, we frankly expected that numerous problems would arise during the first few months of our tenancy. I can, however, report that we encountered very few problems and those that did arise were addressed and resolved by Touchstone and their contractors in a very prompt and professional fashion.
    - Statistics Canada