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Uniqueness in the Industry

  • Touchstone can provide its clients with a secure, password protected portal on Touchstone’s server. Clients are able to see all pertinent data for the property.
  • Touchstone's budgets and statements are prepared with detailed "Narrative Variance Reports" using an analytic reporting system developed for asset management.
  • Touchstone can customize the monthly reports to suit individual owners, rather than forcing its clients to conform to an inflexible reporting system. Touchstone’s reporting gives a true picture of the performance of the property.
  • Touchstone has developed a unique reporting format, which has been adopted by major international and national clients and is now used as the required standard in the client's portfolio for properties managed by other property management companies.
  • Property Managers at Touchstone become knowledgeable of each other's portfolio, and are able to provide seamless service to tenants and owners when a particular property manager is absent.
  • Administrative staff attend meetings and visit properties at times to become more familiar with the accounts they administrate.

It's all about service. We provide our clients with what they need when they need it, no excuses. It's that simple...


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“Through their hands-on management style, in-house knowledge and support of mechanical and HVAC systems experts, they managed to expeditiously resolve all tenant and building issues on a timely basis and at minimal cost, without the need for significant capital costs.”
— International Real Estate Investment Fund

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Our People

Proven Management

Knowledgeable and accomplished senior management

A knowledgeable and accomplished senior management team. There are no inexperienced property managers at Touchstone.

Team Players

A strong team player environment

A strong team player environment. Property managers become familiar with other manager’s portfolio in order to properly service our clients when the manager is away.

Accounting Expertise

Our accounting team is practised and led by a 25 year veteran of property accounting

Our property accounting team is experienced and led by a 20 year veteran of property accounting.